Join us on Shared Paths Boulder and build a culture of community experience and love for our multi-use path system.

People on Foot

Share Paths with others who love to walk for health, to get places and to spend time in conversation with family & friends.

People on Wheels

Share Paths with people who live on bikes, boards and scooters for fun and to commute around town.

Family-friendly Outings

Share Paths with moms, toddlers, cute kindergartners, striders, strolling teens and lots of Boulder families out enjoying community connections!


Do we have ART? Heck yes! The paths of Boulder includes some of Boulder’s finest public art. Join us for art treasure hunts and tunnel tours.

In the News

Bicycle Valet & The Colby Corral were out in force for Boulder’s Fall Festival

New this fall for Shared Paths was a FREE bike parking corral available at the Fall Festival on the Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, Colorado. Look for more safe and free bike parking options at upcoming Boulder area events.

Bicycle Advocacy Organization’s Capacity for Equity: 2020 U.S. Summary

Penn State’s Physical Activity and Public Laboratory has conducted a National Study in order to understand the role advocacy organizations play in creating equitable bicycle programs and opportunities for underrepresented populations (racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, youth, low-income, women). The results shared describe the barriers coalitions see when attempting to reach underrepresented populations, as well as the desirable tools coalitions would like to see when attempting to target underrepresented populations.

To learn more about the project, please visit the study website here:

Goose Creek Channel Improvements
Karissa Courtney

 Boulder County and the City of Boulder have done a great job of protecting the native lands around us. Of course, it can’t be perfect with the number of people that live around here, but Boulder has shown its care for protecting and restoring the lands around us. In 1898 Boulder County began acquiring lands and now owns 65,897 acres of Open Space land and 39,489 acres of protected private land (conservation easement), and starting in 1967 the City of Boulder began acquiring its own lands and now owns 45,000 acres of Open Space and Mountain Parks land in and around Boulder. This is practically unheard of in other parts of the country and I think we can feel proud of the land protection that our local community has achieved.


– “This path is wonderful for any visitor to Boulder”

– “A Boulder Must!”

– “A great place to walk and admire the nature”


Real people, real path users – what do they think?

Read Meet the Boulder SharedPaths article by Karissa Courtney

Boulder has a great bike culture and is abundant in safe bike paths, and thus there is no place else that would be as apt to develop such a program. Plus, life in the 21st century provides students with the availability of equipment for this program, such as GPS trackers and heart rate monitors, which lets students prove that they bike.

A recent proposal has given administration incentive to give P.E. credits to riders. Read the article by Max Eaton from Fairview High School.

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