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Bike Valet

Managed and Operated by SharedPaths Boulder

SharedPaths Boulder is offering our free (to cyclists), friendly and convenient Valet Bike Parking to public and private events around Boulder County. Local riders love to take to their bikes to arrive at events all over the city. This convenient means for local cyclists offers a safe and secure place for their bikes to be stored and secured while they enjoy attending an event-worry free!

Our engaged and friendly staff will ensure that your bicycles, strollers or micro-mobility devices will not be stolen, while keeping your event tidy and de-cluttered of random bike parking. By offering Bike Valet, you encourage more people to arrive to your event via bicycle with a secure place to leave their bike while providing a green promotional angle for your own event.

The process to park a bike at an event offering Bike Valet is simple for the attendee. It operates in the same fashion as a coat check. We check your bike, hand you a claim tag and you bring it back when you are ready for your bike again. We plan to have a text number that offers the cyclist a place to go if they leave their bike too long and the Bike Valet closes.

Permanent Locations:

For established events and venues it is important to sustain the same location to increase the familiarity and be consistent for attendees too easily find and plan to reach.

Operational Determinations

Every event is different, so it requires event staff and Bike Valet staff to coordinate:

*Dates and times including set up and break down for each event.

*It is important to know expected attendance to an event to properly prepare: Size of Bike Valet, infrastructure needs and other operational demands.

*Staff requirements at each event and how many hours.

*Where is the best place to have a Bike Valet? Where can signs be placed at your event to provide directions to the Bike Valet.

*We also know that building a brand of Bike Valet Service is important. Since Boulder is well known for cycling, such a service can be counted on, providing a safe and secure place to leave your bike. This service will at least help to remedy a situation where a cyclist would be hesitant to take it out and park a valued bike in public.

*Each event will require social media outreach in coordination with the City of Boulder, SharedPaths Boulder Partners and Event Management to insure a robust and strategic approach to promoting the service in advance of the event.