Team Shared Paths is excited to move forward with added Stewardship routes, opportunities to get out and share a little “PLC” on the paths (Path light cleaning . . . ) with friends and community partners and add to our ever-growing list of achievements and shared activities with community on the paths.

2017 was a break out year of introductory events, Steward training and sharing service hours with over 30 volunteer Stewards and a number of great events where we had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many of you. We were proud to tally up over 170 path route reports at the end of 2017 and learn more about the experience and encounters of our Stewards. Common report comments include:

  • Picked up an area of dumped trash
  • Removed broken glass from the path
  • Helped a group of riders plan their route back into town
  • Took a moment to check out the man with a grocery cart and assure he was out of the path flow
  • Reported broken light fixtures at Folsom
  • Enjoyed a group of kids exploring the creek
  • Helped a person with a flat tire . . .
  • Coached a group of walkers to stay in a 2-person walking profile and share the paths . . .

Every encounter and small caring effort adds up and contributes to building the “path culture” we hold out is a natural progression of community to be found on Boulder’s premier paths.

As we use these winter weeks to look ahead and prepare for spring routes, clean-ups and spontaneous social time with our volunteers and partners we simply want to say Thank you! Your ongoing interest and support makes it possible for the Shared Path Stewards to walk and roll and be a friendly presence on the paths.

Stay tuned!   And jump in whenever and where ever you are inspired to participate. We have an upcoming  Spring clean-up on Goose Creek on Saturday April 7. Meet us at the Goose Creek Art Plaza between The Roadhouse Depot and the Spark for breakfast gnosh and time to talk with Stewards and partners.  We will divvy up bags and gloves and work between 9 and 11 a.m. that day.